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Upcoming Project

Investigative Journalism in Southern Africa

Together with our local partners CITE in Zimbabwe and NewsDiggers in Zambia, we will offer several courses in investigative journalism starting in September. The training will focus on factchecking methods and investigative research techniques. All courses consist of two attendance phases and an e-learning phase.

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Media and News Literacy for Eastern Ukraine

The Interlink Academy will empower media literacy trainers in Eastern Ukraine. The course is meant for activists and teachers alike who have a profound interest in media literacy. They will be taught the most important topics in this area in detail, and they learn to teach these topics in a methodically appealing way.

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Supporting Investigative Journalists in Ukraine

Mariya Turchyna and Alyona Bereza (center) are investigative journalists in Ukraine. The Interlink Academy supports them on various levels. Interlink‘s Managing Director Werner Eggert talked to the two dedicated journalists in Khmelnytzkyi in the Southwest of Ukraine.

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