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Upcoming Project

Media and News Literacy for Zimbabwe

The Interlink Academy, together with its long-time local partner CITE, implements a comprehensive Media and News Literacy project in Zimbabwe. The project will reach out to numerous communties in the metroplitan area of Bulaways and the rural areas of Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South.

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Data Journalism Masterclass in Nepal

Training in the coronavirus pandemic: Together with our longtime partner Media Research Center Nepal (CMR Nepal), we conduct several advanced training courses in Data Driven Journalism in Kathmandu. Journalists from all over Nepal will improve their skills in finding, analyzing and visualizing relevant information.

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Supporting Investigative Journalists in Ukraine

Mariya Turchyna and Alyona Bereza (center) are investigative journalists in Ukraine. The Interlink Academy has supported them on various levels. Our Managing Director Werner Eggert met the two journalists in Khmelnytzkyi in the Southwest of Ukraine and discussed their work. The project will continue until 2021.

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Investigating Germany-Russia-Ukraine

This program brings together investigative journalists from Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The participants will be trained in Data Driven Journalism and develop joint research projects. Originally planned as a face-to-face experience with workshops in Hamburg and Eastern Europe, the project has changed to online discussions now.

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Media and News Literacy for Eastern Ukraine

The Interlink Academy has empowered media literacy trainers in Eastern Ukraine. The colleagues in the oblasts of Dnipro, Sumy and Zaporizhzhya will continue sharing information on the opportunities and threats regarding social media with their communities. We hope to expand this project to other Ukrainian regions soon.

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