There's a reason why people feel most creative in the shower, on vacation or while taking a walk. Your brain seems most receptive to insightful links when it’s relaxed, happy or distracted. Because these seemingly sub-optimal moments actually open up new spaces for thinking, associating and making new connections.

Our daily rush often doesn't allow us to just be inefficient like this, which means we miss out on many opportunities for developing new ideas. Even in creative jobs like journalism, time pressure limits us to make the most out of our creative capacities.

This hands-on Creative Strategies MOOC will give you some techniques that help you open up new spaces to think creatively about your work, as well as a tool that makes these techniques more readily available on a day-to-day basis.

Four weeks, four creative strategies. With short video presentations, playful exercises and feedback from the team and your peers. Introduced every week by Professor of Digital Creativity Neil Maiden (City, University of London).

In order to participate, please create a new account for this platform first (or log in with your Google or Microsoft account). We will enrol your a few days before the course starts.

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