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2016 – Interlink at the Netzwerk Recherche Jahreskonferenz

How do investigative journalists in Ukraine deal with research on corruption in politics and businesses? What is possible in a country in a state of emergency? What are the opportunities and threats? The Interlink Academy has presented a panel on investigative journalism in Ukraine at the Netzwerk Recherche Jahreskonferenz 2016 in July in Hamburg.

As one of the top investigative journalists in Ukraine, the TV journalist Denys Bihus gave an insight in one of his famous investigations. In addition, the free media activist and lecturer Dr. Nataliya Vygovskaya talked about the state of media freedom in the Zaporiszhzhya region in the Southeast Ukraine. The panel discussion  ath the Netzwerk Recherche Jahreskonferenz was moderated by Interlink Director Werner Eggert and supported by the German section of Reporters without Borders.

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2015 – At the Global Investigative Journalism Conference

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