Our Mission

We strive to professionalize journalism and advance freedom of the media around the globe.

The Interlink Academy for International Dialog and Journalisms develops and organizes international exchange programs and professional trainings for journalists from all spheres worldwide.

Our organization was established in 2014. It is not for profit and serves the global community.

We regard the digitization of the media as a tremendous opportunity for good and enlightening journalism rather than a threat. It opens up new options for press freedom and freedom of speech worldwide, along with new means of networking and directly reaching journalists around the world and supporting them in their work.

E-learning in all its facets will enrich the existing training opportunities.

Participants in our programs are given the opportunity to become part of an international journalists’ network and improve the tools of their trade as they prepare for the digital future.

The future belongs to well-educated, globally networked journalists who work to high quality standards – and who will in turn guarantee the future of free speech and freedom of the press. It is Interlink’s mission to contribute to this.