Mobile Reporting for Citizen Journalists in Zimbabwe 2017/18

Social media is a huge opportunity for citizen journalists in Zimbabwe to disseminate news and express their views. In our six-month blended learning program on mobile reporting, 32 local media activists professionalize their digital skills and learn how to produce smart videos for the web.

The program consists of two courses, one conducted by international trainers in 2017 and one conducted by local trainers in 2018. The course participants learn how to shoot and edit short videos. Composition rules, one-shot-techniques, editing tricks, and digital security issues are all part of the curriculum.

In the first course, the international lecturers Kai Rüsberg, and Mykola Kostynyan work together with local trainers Clayton Moyo, Zenzele Ndebele, and Sean Ndvolu. The second course will be conducted by the local trainers only. The trainers have developed comprehensive e-learning modules and give feedback on the many stories produced by the participants. Our local partner is the Center for Innovation and Technology CITE. The program is sponsored by the German Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development.

You can find some impression in our gallery.