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These books, handouts and newletters are free to download. Scroll down please to see them all. The Interlink Academy appreciates to be given credit in case the materials are used.
Download our flyer here and read about Interlink’s mission and practices alongside testimonials from alumni, trainers and collaborators. The flyer is a great way to introduce people to the Interlink Academy and give them a brief overview of who we are and what we do.
This is the Myanmar edition of one of the most popular German journalism textbooks. It is authored by Professor Stephan Ruß-Mohl and now published in its 5th edition. The textbook was translated into twelve languages. Download the Myanmar edition here.

MEDIACTIVE by Dan Gillmor Ukrainian translation by Alesia Golovko | American author Dan Gillmor wants nothing less than for everyone to become active media users. While Dan was writing the foreword for the Ukrainian edition, Donald Trump had just become president of the United States. According to Dan, Trump’s success was possible, in part, “because Trump consistently told lies that millions of his followers wanted to believe – even when all the evidence showed that they were mistaken.” The author continues: “What was happening in America is also happening in many other places. Information wars are now a part of our political systems.” In this light, Dan is “thrilled” to see his book translated locally in places like Ukraine. The Interlink Academy is proud to present a Ukrainian translation and thanks Alesia Golovko for the translation and Artem Babak and Tatiana Rohova for their support. Download the translation here. Visit Dan Gillmor’s website and Read a Ukrainian review of the book here.
The Interlink Academy, together with its long-time local partner Centre for Innovation and Technology (CITE), implements a comprehensive Media and Information Literacy project in Zimbabwe. The four-year project reaches out to numerous communities in Matabeland and aims to empower the people in this region with essential media literacy skills. The project includes an in-depth training of multipliers which will become our future community leaders and teachers, as well as establish local media literacy hubs. Download the project’s booklet here.

Read about current and planned projects alongside interviews and news from our alumni in our yearly newsletters.

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