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Investigating Germany-Russia-Ukraine

This program brings together investigative journalists from Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The participants will be trained in Data Driven Journalism and develop joint research projects. Originally planned as a face-to-face experience with workshops in Hamburg and Eastern Europe, the project has changed to online discussions now.
Investigative Journalists from Germany, Russia and Ukraine meet for an advanced online workshop in data driven journalism

Participants are individually invited to participate in this course. Our partners are the Ukrainian organisation Power of Truth, and the Russian Tak-tak-tak Foundation. The project is funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ukrainian NGO Power of Truth is based in Lutsk

The Russian NGO Tak-Tak-Tak is based in Novosibirsk 

Interlink’s Claus Hesseling will be the lead trainer in this course.

The project is funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Capacity Building in Myanmar

Interlink Academy supports the media house Dawei Watch in Myanmar. Dawei Watch is the only remaining independent publishing house in the southeastern province of Thanintharyi. The aim of the project is to strengthen the digital capacity of Dawei Watch which publishes the weekly newspaper Thanintharyi News.

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Private: Cross-Border Investigations in Eastern Europe

We support cross-border collaborations and offer training to investigative journalists from Eastern Europe and Russia. The focus will be on data driven journalism, exchanging experiences, and designing joint investigations. There will be study tours to Hamburg and meetings in Ukraine. Participation is on invitation only.

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Data Journalism Masterclass in Nepal

Training in the coronavirus pandemic: Together with our longtime partner Media Research Center Nepal (CMR Nepal), we conduct several advanced training courses in Data Driven Journalism in Kathmandu. Journalists from all over Nepal will improve their skills in finding, analyzing and visualizing relevant information.

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Debunking Fake News in Eastern Ukraine

The Russian military attack on Ukraine has increased the wave of fake news in the country. In this project, experienced journalists and media literacy trainers offer help to find reliable information and debunk fake news.

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